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Applied Economics and Finance Association Charter


Association Objective
The objective in creating the Applied Economics and Finance Association (AEFA) is to strengthen the tie between past, current and future AEF students. The Association operates with the goals to,

  • Promote the AEF Masters Degree.
  • Create and maintain long lasting contacts between AEF alumni.
  • Facilitate the communication/network between AEF alumni, current AEF
    students and the local and international business community.

Association Structure
The AEFA was founded by AEF students who wished to establish an association that can achieve the objectives outlined above. The AEFA is an entirely student/alumni managed non-profit association with strong cooperation and support from the AEF line committee and institute. Currently AEFA is run by hard working and motivated AEF student representatives.

The AEFA Board
The AEFA activities will be governed by the AEFA Board ideally comprised by a limited number of representatives of 1st and 2nd year students in addition to interested Alumni representatives. Board participation is entirely on a voluntary basis and are non-remunerated positions.
Additional students or alumni are welcome to participate in board meetings or sub-committees; however these additional persons are not represented by voting seats on the board.

New members are to be elected in March each year and are elected by voting among the current board members. The duration of the positions are 1 year, or when the board calls for a change in leadership. The positions as Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer are always filled.

Additional board positions are to be created in the general assembly of the AEF through a majority vote by the board. It is entirely up to the discretion of the board members to establish sub-committees within the AEFA i.e. sponsor group, social events committee, alumni relations etc.
The board Treasurer is responsible for the management of the funds of the AEFA and presenting the board with a budget for each general assembly or when called upon by the board.

AEFA Signatories
In unison, the official signatories of the AEFA include the Chairman and Treasurer, either of which can be substituted by the Vice-Chair in case of absence.

Association Activities
With a growing number of graduated members, the AEFA hopes to achieve its outlined objectives through fourĀ broad initiatives:

  1. Creation and management of an AEFA website.
  2. Arrangement and planning of social and academic events including all AEFA members.
  3. Launching communication strategies with the business community on the establishment of the AEFA and potential cooperation opportunities.
  4. AEF Recruiting: To aid in the establishment of the AEF Master’s line, the AEFA will be active participants in the annual informational events towards bachelor students. These efforts are to work in coordination with the AEF Line Committee.