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The AEF Programme

The MSc programme in Applied Economics and Finance provides two years of analytical graduate training that prepares students for careers in business in general and to be more specific e.g. in banking, consulting, and international institutions. The programme combines theory with applications of the kind that students may face in their professional careers.

The student will become knowledgeable in the fields:

  • Industrial Organization
  • Financial Markets
  • Open Economy Macroeconomics

Moreover, the students will learn to understand and to forecast macroeconomic variables, which are important for a firm, and they will learn how to use their analytical training to solve practical problems and to communicate their results clearly. Applied Economics and Finance aims to hone the analytical skills of the type a business economist should command. ..

The student will be trained mainly as an analyst. He/she will learn how to recognise and understand underlying economic and financial mechanisms at work in the real world. The aim is to get insight into the fundamentals of firms and markets, so that these are not treated as black boxes. To achieve this, incentive problems within the firm and between contracting partners, and the choice and use of financial instruments will be important topics for this graduate programme. Knowledge of these issues will allow candidates to identify strategically important decisions and market behaviour. A typical career for a student of Applied Economics and Finance will start in analytically oriented positions and use these as the launching pad for later achievements in their organisation and in business in general.

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